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Being a VIP member means great things, just for you!

As an avid knitter you probably buy plenty of yarn to keep your stash in good supply, becoming a VIP will now make it cheaper for you

The unique benefits you receive as a VIP member include:

  • 10% off all future orders (excluding shipping) to thank you for your loyalty
  • A free VIP welcome gift
  • Unique VIP promotions – only extended to VIP members
  • Email messages whenever we add a new product range or yarn (starting soon)

How to Become a VIP

Ovarian Cancer ActionSpending £200 (excluding shipping) in any one month will qualify you as an Angel VIP.

All you need to do is let us know you have qualified, with the relevant Cart ID's, and we will set our system to automatically give you a 10% discount on your future orders.

Please Note: This is not an automatic service, we can only make you a VIP when you let us know your qualifying order numbers (Cart ID's).

Alternatively, you could join our Yarn Angels Club, details here...

Terms and Conditions

This is an on-request service only, Angel Yarns is not able to check all orders against past orders, you will need to notify us of the order number/s (CartID/s) and request VIP status.
Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.
VIP discounts will only apply to orders placed using the same email address and password used for the qualifying order/s.
All orders will be dispatched to one address only, alterations can be requested by email.
Any refunds will be refunded at the same discounted rate applied.
Angel Yarns reserves the right to cancel VIP status attained by orders exceeding £200 where cancellations bring the total value below the required £200.
Angel Yarns reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time without notification other than by posting to this web site.

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