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100% Pure Alpaca

This 100% pure Alpaca yarn is a real delight to knit with, it holds a pattern beautifully and feels really soft.

Inca Cloud from Artesano is Fair Trade 100% alpaca wool from Bolivia and is available in a range of lovely classic colours.

Artesano Alpaca has a smooth, non irritating feel and is lighter and softer than Cashmere, while being stronger, warmer and much more durable than wool. This organic fibre is free from lanolin and dander making it hypoallergenic, perfect for those with wool allergies and babies. Its unique nature makes each item less likely to pill or wrinkle, and it is naturally flame retardant and water repellant too!

Hand wash and dry flat only.

Artesano Hummingbird
Inca Mist
Artesano Inca Mist

Artesano Patterns

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Alpaca Wool Details

Fibre: 100% Alpaca
Size: 50gm
Needle Size: 4.00 / UK8 / US6 (Needles here..)
Tension: 25 stitches x 33 rows
Length: 121meters, 131 yards approx

Colours available in Inca Cloud

All prices include VAT at 15% - VAT is deductible for Overseas orders

The approximate US$ price is $5.81 for deliveries outside the EU

Price Reduction!! Was £4.95!!

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100% Alpaca
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