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100% Pure Silk - Colourway 125We have now (at long last!) launched the Angel Yarns range of hand painted silk yarns.

We've taken so long because we had issues with giving it up as we were having such great fun experimenting with colours!

Whether it's the pure 'vanilla' silks or the hand painted these are exquisite yarns you will enjoy as much as we have.

We recommend that with the hand painted silks you blend two hanks at once, i.e. work two rows from ball one and two rows from ball two, as we believe this produces the best results.

Each hand painted hank is worked upon individually so there may be slight variations in each silk skein you receive and, from our experience, it is these nuances that will greatly enhance your finished project.

Please note that these yarns are hand dyed and can be different to the images shown.

Gauge: 5 stitches = 1"
Recommended Needle Size: #7
Approx. yardage = 260 yds
Approx. Weight = 100 grams

80-100g skeins


Hand Painted Silk
Colourway 132
Hand Painted Silk
Colourway 119
Hand Dyed Silk
Colourway 120
Pure silk
Colourway 121
100% Pure Silk
Colourway 122
Painted Silks
Colourway 133
Angel Silks
Colourway 124
Colourway 125
Colourway 125
Colourway 126
Colourway 126
Colourway 127
Colourway 127
Colourway 130
Pure hand dyed silks
Colourway 131
100% Pure Silk
Pure Silk

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