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There are hundreds - even thousands - of knitting blogs on the internet, where knitters write about their projects, posting photos of WIPs (Works In Progress) and FOs (Finished Objects) and inviting other knitters to comment on their work.

A knitting blog is the place where knitters can rant or rave about their personal experiences with yarn, patterns or needles. Some blogs are fantastic technique resources, written by talented and clever knitters. Others are as much about the knitter's life as what's on their needles.

Have a look at some of the blogs listed below and if you don't have a knitting blog already, maybe you'll be inspired to start your own.

Knitting Blogs, in no particular order:

Blog Bletherings Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
Yarn Mistrys Knitty in Pink
Crisis on Infinite Needles Needles on the Move
Sheep Happens Noo's Knits and Other Bits
My Dream Turnip Knitalongalindy
Blueadt Knits Catknit Knits
Minniemollknits Have Ewe Any Wool
Ruby Plaid The Claire Knit Project
Middleearthknitter Up Knit Creek
Piglottie's Parlour Mad Bag Lady
B e n t e B' s B l o g Does a Badger Knit in the Woods
Tales from Rabbit Bottom Squirrels Conquests
Sci Fi KAL Kathryn Knits
Vague Magazine - worth a visit! Modelwidow
Strickelke Daisychains
Queen of the Froggers Knitting & everything else that matters
Sajona's small world Belaybunny
  Fraggle Knits

Not Neccessarily 'Knitting' Blogs

Domestic Female Seventy by Heart






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