Crochet Hooks

Bamboo, Metal and Plastic Crochet Hooks

At Angel Yarns our crochet hooks range from 2.00mm to 20.00mm.

We have premier bamboo, aluminium (aluminium), plastic and hand turned decorative surina wood in straight, circular and crochet from Addi Turbo, Inox, Clover and Surina, so quite a choice!

Beautiful Crochet Hooks
Hand Turned Hooks
Simply stunning crochet hooks
Addi Turbo Crochet Hooks
Addi Crochet Hooks
Some of the most popular
Brittany Crochet Hooks
Brittany Birch

Hand turned beauties!
Surina Hand Turned Crochet Hooks
Surina Crochet Hooks

Hand turned decorative hooks
Clover Bamboo Crochet Hooks
Clover Crochet Hooks (Takumi)
The best quality crochet hooks there are


Bamboo Crochet Hooks - Practical bamboo improves with age, making these Bamboo hooks a long-lasting addition to your stash bag. The more you use them, the smoother they become! Plus, they're 60% lighter than the same size aluminium hooks, so your hands won't tire - even after hours. Available in several sizes for all your needs.

Plastic Crochet Hooks by Inox / Pony - For those larger wools, available from 6mm up to 15mm.

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart


Hand Made Stitch Markers

Beautiful Stitch Markers
A great accompaniment for your needles.

Crochet Hooks From Angel Yarns UK

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