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Fiddlesticks PatternHand picked after scouring the world these yarns are proving to be very popular.

Sourced from all over the globe from Canada, to the US to Australia and New Zealand each one is unique in itself.

Lace weight yarns are the finest, having the smallest diameter. These yarns are usually knit on large needles to create open lace but can also be used for a myriad of other projects.

You'll probably have to be quick if you want these for a special occasion as they really are selling out fast and we have to import them to restock.

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Yarns Currently Available

Country Silk - Loden
Fiddlesticks Country Silk
JaggerSpun Zephyr Silk Mix
Fiddlesticks JaggerSpun Zephyr
Margaret Stove Lace Weight
Margaret Stove
Gorgeous Lace Weight
Merino Lace Weight
Cashwool from Llane Borgosesia
Lane Borgosesia
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