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To help you get started and aquainted with all things knitting we have put together a few pages to help you get started on learning how to knit.

Knitting may look hard, but with some simple knitting instructions, and a little bit of practice, you can learn how to knit and create professional looking projects in no time at all.

Knitting Needle Gauge

Most patterns include a gauge notation. The gauge, or the number of stitches or rows per inch, normally is determined by the size of the needles and the weight of the yarn. Always work a gauge swatch to see if your tension equals the gauge specified in your instructions. The test swatch should ideally be at least 4"/10cm square, using the yarn and needle size called for in the pattern.

If you have too many stitches per inch, you're working too tightly. You'll need to stitch with less tension or change to larger needles.

If you have too few stitches per inch, you're working too loosely. You need to stitch with a greater tension or change to a smaller needle.

For your practice sessions, choose medium-size needles and a smooth, light-colour yarn so you can see your work easily.

Getting Started - Making a Slipknot

How to Cast On

The Knit Stitch

The Purl Stitch

Simple knitting instructions for the beginner

Knitting Instructions - Learn How to Knit a Beginner's Guide

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